How should I react to the new finding of a soft tissue mass in my larynx?
Breakfast this morning--two poached eggs--was brought to me today by my wife and Amazon

Every morning I say "good morning" to my kids and grandkids and I pray for them individually

Family collage
This collage hangs in the hallway to our condo. I see our whole family all the time.

My routine is pretty much the same everyday.  I get up put eyedrops in both eyes, grab a cup of coffee and stake out my side of the couch with my iPad Pro.  As I walk down our hallway, I pass a photo collage that my wife Gladys put together.  It's composed of pictures taken at this past summer's family vacation on Lake Michigan.  

As I come out of our bathroom, I mentally say "good morning" to everybody and I do the same at bedtime.  In the morning, I say it to myself because I don't want my semi-sleeping wife to think I asked her a question.

I also pray for their day that God would protect each of them, including their hearts which is their command center for how they deal with life.

There are many other family pictures in our condo, but the collage is the spark that gets me thanking God for my family.