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Will incivility and hate end when President Trump leaves office?

Nolan Finley used to be an editor for the Detroit News.  He's now a columnist.  He's been able to observe our culture from a variety of perspectives and he see's the division and polarization taking place in this country.  What about it?  Will it end when Trump leaves office?  

Finley says no in his column today. Why because we truly hate anybody who differs from us in how to approach and solve our societal problems.

Are you a conservative or a liberal and do you have friends or relatives who snarl when they talk to you?  Or have they ended your relationship.  I have friends who tolerate my views.  Why?  Because they like my wife and they know that we come as part of a package deal.  

Is Finley right?  Do we really hate each other in this political climate?

Will it end when Trump leaves office?  His column is worth printing and talking about around the water cooler or at the bar or even at church.