I hope my friends and family watch this video about Parkinson's

THE THORP REPORT: Our past six months in Dearborn


It's been six months since we moved to Dearborn near Detroit.  So how's it working?  We've made a seamless transition to be close to the Michigan segment of our family. While being experienced senior citizens, how did we pull it off?  

The answer lies in a God hunt I was on the other night.  It took me underneath our bed.  It was the same God who saw us through the move from Holt to here.  What and who connects us to our God?  We celebrated his birthday on Christmas.

We moved into another condo after selling ours fairly quickly.  We were able to hire movers and we found a new church right away.  We love being so close to family.

What was I doing underneath our bed?  Because of Parkinson's, I fell out of bed.  I wasn't injured beyond my pride and my inability to get back into bed.  Gladys and I tried every which way.  At 6:10 am, we called our son-in-law Adam who came to my rescue,  He got me off the floor.  He reflected the love Jesus.


Wes and Gladys