I think I found my reason for continuing to keep this blog


Writing helps me explain my own life
This made the light switch on inside my head.



Do you have a blog?  If not, have you ever thought about starting one?

I started this blog 12 years ago before social media became a thing and during a time when people thought it was a funny four-letter word.  I first read about them in the Detroit Free Press when a reporter did a story describing what they were and how they were different from ordinary websites of the time.  I was also intrigued by the first person writing.

When I was 58 I decided to play with it.  Now I'm 70 and I have almost 3,000 blog posts on this blog.  I'm trying to evaluate why I should continue it.  

Back when I started it, I was just finishing a career in and around politics.  All my jobs involved writing whether writing news stories, news releases or speeches for politicians.  My taste for politics has lessened greatly.

During the intervening years, I got married, had two great kids who gave us five really wonderful grandkids.  I love being a husband and a grandfather, but . . .

I have to fill in the spaces of my life.  I keep asking myself "with what?"

The above quote seems to say it well.  Writing blog posts can help me figure that out.  The sand in my hourglass is moving quickly.  I need to get more of this sorted out.

I get it.  I need to write this blog for me to help me better understand myself.  It's way cheaper than going to a $200 an hour therapists who asks a lot of questions.  I ask myself questions all the time.  If nobody else reads this, I feel comfortable in saying I'm writing this for me.