LINKS: My "to read" list for the next week--Start of World War I in Sarajevo and more

Do you come across articles and posts on the web that you don't want to read now, but would like to take time with later?  

I have a collection of links that I've accumulated and have been left as orphans that I either forget or never get back to.  Today is no different.  I do want to read these:

  1. New York Times article about the divisions in Sarajevo, Bosnia where World War I got started with the assassination of  Archduke Ferdinand and his wife Sophie on a non-descript bridge there.  I stood on the bridge and I have family that lives about three hours down the road.  
  2. Wall Street Journal package of stories about the legacies left from World War I after 100 years.
  3. Wall Street Journal story about what children of aging parents need to know.
  4. Daily Beast writes about Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as a dark horse Republican in the race for the presidency.  
  5. Detroit Free Press raises the question of whether charter school have been oversold as performers in teaching children.

What I'm reading today, Thursday, Jan. 9, 2014

Here's a summary of what I'm reading on the web today:

  1. Gallup polls show that record number of Americans identify themselves as independents, rather than Republican or Democrat.  What does this mean for our political parties?  Why are more people dropping party label, but partisanship seems to be rising?
  2. Hitler's Mein Kampf on best-seller lists for Amazon's Kindle.  According to the story, the famous book about the Nazi movement and it's leader sold few copies as a hardback.  But as an e-book, sales are soaring.
  3. Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey responds to e-mails released showing that his top staff manipulated traffic lanes on a Fort Lee bridge to create a monumental traffic jam as retribution to it Democratic mayor.  How transparent will he be in disclosing what he knows?
  4. Snow-shoveling rules in the city of Lansing and Jackson go back into effect after big storm.  After the city of Lansing was slammed by a brutal ice storm and snow storm that shutdown mid-Michigan for more than three days, snow shoveling rules go back into effect.  Note that this story, says sidewalks and DRIVEWAYS must be cleared.
  5. Cooley Law School professor and retired general appointed by Mayor Virg Bernero to lead investigation into the response of the Lansing Board of Water & Light to the recent ice storm which left much of Lansing and nearby area in the dark.  The outcry against the board's response seems to be growing.
  6. Consumers Energy and DTE, two private utilities in Michigan that were affected by the recent ice storm will have their actions scrutinized by the Michigan Public Service Commission.  They have until Feb. 7 to respond to a list of PSC questions.  Has anybody got a link to the questions?
  7. New York Times tells story of a family in Las Vegas where there's a husband with four wives and 17 children.  It raises the questions of whether polygamy will be the next frontier to expand the definition of marriages and families.  The featured family in the story has a reality television show "Sister Wives."