New Holt, Michigan gas station raises question about mixing liquor and beer with cars


We've driven by the southeast corner of Holt and Aurelius Roads maybe a hundred times during the almost nine months we have lived in Delhi Township.  When we moved in last spring the corner was just a vacant lot.  

During the late spring, summer and fall, we've watched it transform through various stages with the careful installation of below ground gas storage and the building of the store that has become a destination for high end liquor, beer and wine.  There are also high end snacks that would usually be sold in a specialty store.

Cool.  Right?  Well, what's the thinking behind mixing the sale of gas for cars along with very adult beverages?  Any concerns about the message that it sends?  Am I being hypersensitive about this?

It must be legal or they wouldn't be selling this where you fill up your car.  What about the Delhi Township Board?  Did they have to approve it?  Were residents asked for input?  What about the Michigan Liquor Control Commission?  Is getting their permission necessary?

Where does one go these days to get township news, whether it's mine or the several hundred in Michigan.  Newspapers don't really cover townships anymore.